Solar energy

Solar energy (or also solar power) is the energy produced by the sun, physically considered, that meets on earth in the form of electro- magnetic radiation.
Depend from influences of weather and environment, like also degree of latitude, this energy is converted in the atmosphere proportionately into warmth or meets as light on earth.

The energy quantity, which meets on earth, is altogether about 5000 times larger than the total requirement of mankind at energy. To use these energies for itself, there are two procedures, photovoltaic and solar thermal energy. The heat energy of the sun is used in solar thermal power stations, this is however economical only in sun-rich regions, than this procedure is complex in the operating and maintenance costs.

In the photovoltaic the solar power converts directly into electricity in the solar cells of a module. This procedure is emission-free. The produced electricity can be stored in accumulators or fed into electricity grid.