Head office Naunhof

The head office and the administration of ALGATEC is situated in Naunhof near Ebersbach (Brandenburg). Along with the administration the location Naunhof has a semi-automated factory.
Modules can be produced in dimensions up to 3.200 mm * 2.100 mm, colored cells and films for custom-made-products are available. Also transparent modules and unregular forms (such as trapezoid or triangle) can be manufactured. Special photovoltaic-installations for windows and facades are produced here.Due to the semi automatic processes, the plant in Naunhof is very flexible in its production capabilities. The plant has a capacity of 250 modules per day. Prösen has 62 employees.

ALGATEC Solarwerke GmbH
Moritzburger Weg 1
01561 Ebersbach OT Naunhof

+49 (0) 35249 79 39 10