31.07.2012: Press release - Energy systems

ALGATEC Solar AG press release, 31.07.2012

The ALGATEC Solar AG offers complete energy systems in the future

For the future ALGATEC Solar AG will establish not only as quality manufacturer of solar modules, but also as system supplier.


ALGATEC Energiezentrale - ansprechendes Design und intelligentes Energiemanagement - fertig vorkonfektioniert

With the ALGATEC Energy Center and the related systems ALGATEC EC Home, EC Backup and EC Island, we are able to reduce the planning costs for customers and installers to a minimum because all necessary components of these photovoltaic systems are perfectly adapted to each other and are ready for setting up.

The integrated Energy-Management-System sends action recommendations based on weather forecasts, consumer profiles and system status. This allows the plant-operator to increase his own-consumption and its influence on energy costs to an optimum level.

The operator can monitor and control his photovoltaic system, even while traveling, via internet. It is also possible that the system is remotely monitored by our service in case of troubleshooting, which allows a faster analysis and problem solving.

The Energy Center will be offered in a compact and modern design. All components come from Germany's leading quality manufacturers and are pre-assembled. Connecting and installing will be easy and fast.


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For topical reasons

For topical reasons

The members of the board and the workers of the ALGATEC SOLAR AG Germany are deeply shocked by the unanticipated and enormous natural disaster in Japan. We would like to express our deepest sympathies to the families of the victims and to the people of Japan.