What makes ALGATEC modules to modules highest workmanship?


Quality standards an points that make the difference between ALGATEC modules and other


Solar glass with thickness of 3.2 mm

  • Weight reduction of 4.5 kg per module compared to modules with 4 mm glasss
  • Reduced load of the structure (roof truss) and greater resistance to snow loads
  • Maximum load capacity (all types of modules are tested and certified with 5400 Pa )
  • Lower embedding losses: less material in front of the cells = less sunlight is filtered away (Glass efficiency at 3.2 mm: 91.1 %, 4 mm thickness: 90.8 %)

Specially engineered, anodized aluminum frame with hollow chamber

  • Big hollow chamber for compensating large ventilation and drainage holes
    (ø 7 mm) ensures better water drainage (significantly reduced risk of damaging the frame profile with freezing).
  • Better transfer of forces acting on the frame by frame profile.
    (torque of the module clips → profile → mounting system)
  • Retaining edges and silicon are forming a plug. The frame profile can not be removed from the laminate.
  • Perfectly beveled edge at the transition from glass to frame minimizes long-term soiling.

Junction boxes with stamped grid and soldered double-acting diodes

  • Better heat circulation of the diode with stamped grid (much larger cooling area)
  • Double-acting diodes: greater security against failure (2 in 1)
  • By soldering the diodes, in contrast to plugged diodes, there is no risk of high contact resistance,
    which may burn the box.
  • Use of MC4 or compatible connector plugs and sockets

Use of high quality embedding foils

  • to prevent damage by UV light (Browning effect) with continuous review of the levels of crosslinking.

Use of high quality backsheet foils

  • to stand possible system voltages up to 1000V


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