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Welcome to the Algatec Technology Group - their innovative system house for highly efficient energy technology with headquarters and production in Germany.

Solar Modules Made in Germany.

Solar modules, special modules, module replicas and dummy modules of all kinds - produced at our location in Germany. Over 15 years of experience ensure a unique competence. Algatec modules enjoy a unique reputation worldwide.

From module manufacturer to solar high - tech forge

Consulting services for the construction of test facilities, project development for solar plants from 1 kWp up to solar power plants of 50 MWp, innovative storage solutions and much more.

Applied solar Technology

E-mobility needs solar carports, innovative building technology needs solar façades, Algatec has 15 years of experience in these areas due to its history - talk to us!

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We are only at the beginning of the solar energy use. The innovative combination of new technologies ensures a high degree of energy independence.

The Algatec Technology Group combines technology, system technology and service.

Over 320 solar systems for residential and commercial customers, more than 2 million solar modules were produced, consulting and services for 4 European production sites stand for know-how and services from a single source - the Algatec team.